Rants and/or Humor

Humor, or attempts thereat 

Not sure when: Porno for the gluttonous


October 2006: Darwinism is just gut-bustingly funny


August 2006: A New Scientific Finding from Liberty U! (might appear in St.Anne’s Pub)


August 2006: The tale of Krusty the Moose, dedicated to Josh Martin


April 2006: Dr. Don Shue’s Conflict Resolution Conference (as heard in St.Anne’s Pub)


April 2006: The History of the Unity Reformed Church (as heard in St.Anne’s Pub)


September 2005: Book review: Art of Reformed War (as heard in St. Anne’s Pub)


September 2005: News Flash! Predestination gene isolated!


July 2005: Lessons learned from foreign bureaucrats

Natalie’s writings 

And Today We Have Killing of Bugs


Independent Day


But I Don't LIKE Ruffles!


Dial 0


Slipping Suddenly to the Side


Independence Day


The commode


Food cravings


Buy cheap! Be prepared!


Lost things


Rants, tantrums, and other products of indigestion and a poor night’s sleep

      January 2018: Donald Trump and family values


      January 2018: Gay Marriage


      October 2015: Footprints in the Sand


      August 2014: Mark Driscoll at bay


      October 2012: An autoimmune disorder of the heart


      June 2012: Unions: Compulsory Irrelevance


      October 2011: Isn't it harmful to cut Social Security?


March 2010: How do I hate thee, health care "reform"?
Let me count the ways

      The first way: Aren't there some people coming after us?

      The second way: Insurance is the problem

      The third way: Insurance is NOT the problem

      The fourth way: Haven't you noticed some inherent characteristics of government?

      The fifth way: If it costs too much, it costs too much. New!


January 2010: The Real Problem with McCain-Feingold


December 2009: Real Guys


October 2008: The adulthood chronicles.
Pontifications to a young friend who is getting into the grown-up business a little too hastily

      Adulthood 23

      Adulthood 22
      Adulthood 21
      Adulthood 20
      Adulthood 19
      Adulthood 18
      Adulthood 17
      Adulthood 16
      Adulthood 15 - Plausible Deniability
      Adulthood 14
      Adulthood 13
      Adulthood 12
      Adulthood 11
      Adulthood 10 - But we had thought
      Adulthood 9
      Adulthood 8
      Adulthood 7
      Adulthood 6
      Adulthood 5
      Adulthood 4
      Adulthood 3
      Adulthood 2
      Adulthood 1


September 2008: Doctrinal stuff: Infant Baptism
      Limited Atonement 


August 2008: Confessions of a Co-dependent 


March 2008: So THAT'S how it works


August 2007: Dominic Says
      Answer 1
      Answer 2
      Answer 3
      Answer 4


April 2007: How to get more Virginia Tech-type massacres


January 2007: More mewithoutyou


December 2006: Why we will fail in Iraq


November 2006: Blue Pony


October 2006: mewithoutyou and splattered anatomy


September 2006: Newborn Ear (Nancy, 1987)


August 2006: Making Decisions


July 2006: My own private Lawrence Welk, part II


June 2006: My own private Lawrence Welk


September 2005: The story of my life. If you can figure this out, it’s probably the story of your life, too.


July 2005: Sense and Sensibility


February 2005: Was it Staged?


January 2005: The gaining time and the losing time (Nancy)


December 2004: Who wants a bad sonnet? First caller wins


November 2004: Lensmen??


September 2004: Jewel and the Apostle John


August 2004: Huh


May 2004: The Significance of a Meal


April 2004: Emo Music and the doctrine of Election