Photos of Various Clan Doings


2016 Happenings

The holidays New!

November New!

September, October New!

Bike trip- Idaho, Montana, British Columbia New!

July, August: July 4, camping, family camp, much more New!

May, June New!

New Grand-daughter Margaret! New!

March and April, exclusive of weddings and births New!

Ben Lewis marries Aya Sato! March 9
      The ceremony
      Outside immediately after
      Reception in Ballard that evening
      Other stuff, before and after

Doug's wedding, grandkids, great-grandparents New!

2015 Happenings

Dad's memorial, Hixsons move, Christmas, Sledding

September, October

Summer- July 4, camping

Webers bought a house!


March/April: anniversary, cardiac arrest, Easter

January and February, grandchild intensive

2014 Happenings

Through the holidays

Autumn 2014

Warren's bike trip: Idaho, Montana, British Columbia

Late summer, including Andi's 30th at the Oregon coast

August Christ Church family camp at Riverview

Clan camping trip at Salmon la Sac on the Cle Elum River

Hieberts took us on a fantastic trip to the high Sierras

Visit to Salem (Bethy, mostly!)

The whole family and the Mordhorsts came to visit

April through June

Ezekiel Brannum Weber

Ezekiel's second week, more or less

Second and third weeks

January through March

2013 Happenings

The evolution of my home office


Thanksgiving in Battleground

Bethany's first birthday

Idaho-Montana bike trip

Camping at Glacier with the Webers

Andi's golden birthday, big news, and various other stuff

July and August

Lila wanted us at her birthday party!

It is insanely beautiful here

May to July 2014, baby mainly

June 15: Nephew Michael Hiebert graduates from Caly Poly San Luis Obispo

June 1- Webers came to visit

Brad's MBA and Mother's Day

Mass Baby Pictures!

January to May miscellany

2012 Happenings

New House and Moving!!

Christmas 2012

New house, new baby, Thanksgiving

Bethany Grace Hixson!

September, October

August, September

Camping at Long Beach

Mid-summer events

June trip to Colorado

May, June

Rebekah and Cal's wedding

March, April

Elliot Weber marries Natalie Lewis! February 19
      Thursday through Saturday (10 pictures)
      Rehearsal and dinner (7 pictures)
      Sunday preparations (17 pictures)
      Photos at the park (11 pictures)
      Before the ceremony (47 pictures)
      The Wedding! (25 pictures)
      The Party! (48 pictures)
      Monday (12 pictures)

Through February

2011 Happenings

November, December

September, October

6 Day bike trip across Washington: 467 miles, 27000 feet climbed
      Snohomish to Leavenworth, 104 miles
      Leavenworth to Ellensburg, 54 miles
      Ellensburg to Wenatchee, 55 miles
      Wenatchee to Omak, 98 miles
      Omak to Wilbur, 78 miles
      Wilbur to Spokane Valley, 78 miles

Camping at Salmon la Sac, July

Early Summer Activities

Niece Amy gets married!
      Wedding day
      Hanging Around on Sunday

Winter and Spring, 2011

2010 Happenings

Fall/Winter, 2010

Warren's Bike Trip September 2010

Summer Seattle Trip 2010

Camping at Salmon la Sac August 2010

Church and PDF 2010

Mid Summer 2010

Ben Graduates from AIS

Early Summer 2010

30th Anniversay gala tour of the Eastern Seaboard!
      Baltimore to Brooklyn
      Connecticut and Pennsylvania
      DC area

April 2010

30th Anniversary

Early 2010

2009 Happenings

Holidays 2009

Blackman's Lake Froze!

Hike to the Lake Louise tea houses, September

Family and friends, the second half of 2009

Highly-attended camping trip to Westport in August (see videos, too)

I did it I did it I did it I did it I did it I did it I did it!!!!!

Various Relatives

Independence Day Party at Twibell's

Natalie's friend Marie gets married

Our boarder, Tiffany

Brad Hixson marries Andrea Lewis! May 9
      Rehearsal Dinner
      Taking Photos
      Just Before the Ceremony
      The Ceremony
      Just After the Ceremony
      The Reception
      Hanging Around on Sunday

We did a little skiing this year

Natalie's birthday celebration

2008 Happenings

Snow, Christmas, Snow, Nancy's Birthday, Snow, Snow, Snow

Natalie and Andi, Halloween 2008

Various pix from mid/late 2008

Camping on the White River, early September

Perry District Fellowship

Trip to the Dewsnap Family Reunion in Wisconsin
      Nancy, Ben and Warren took U.S. highway 2 over
      In Wisconsin
      Mt. Ayr, Iowa and Boulder, Colorado
      Going home

Miscellaneous, first half of 2008

Uganda Pix from Natalie

Early 2008

Moving Caro to Seattle

2007 Happenings

The end of 2007

Autumn 2007

Summer Miscellany

Warren's cross-state bike trip

Trip to Enterprise Oregon

Camping at White River Falls

Ben shot this amazing lightning storm in July

Andi and Caro's Graduation

General Milling Around


After Commencement

Party at Clink's

Earlier 2007

Skiing at Big Mountain

Ben's Spring break Alaska trip

Earlier 2007 Stuff

Our Old Barn Got Destroyed

Hard snow! (Small comfort to the Coloradoans)


2006 Happenings

Andi and Caro in Costa Rica

Andi and Caroís trip to the Costa Rican coast

Early winter photos

Reformation day- authentic reproduction of Wittemburg, Germany in the Moran Prairie Grange

Sibs and Cousin in Seattle in October.

Ideas Matter. A Lot.

Empty nesters now

Various Summer pix

Camping at Silver Falls on the Entiat River

Benís Graduation from High School

My old buddy Geoff gets married

Benís Senior Pictures

Hmm. I donít know. I just canít say.

Benís Junior/Senior banquet

Twibellís 50th Anniversary

Family pix from April

Random Springtime Pictures


2005 Happenings

The daffodil saga, 2005-2006

Halloween and other shape-shifts

Various stuff, second half of 2005, involving Andi

Various stuff, second half of 2005

Natalie is maid of honor in Hannah and Phil's wedding

Some pix from Benís 18th birthday festivities

Various stuff, first half of 2005

Natalie Graduates from SPU!

Valley Christian School Musical: My Fair Lady

25th Anniversary trip to Italy


The Lewises Later in 2004

The Lewises Later in 2004