Noteworthy Moving Pictures


Times Square at Night

Nancy Kay tap dances at Battery Park

Tent city at the 09 camping trip

Sand castle footage from the 09 camping trip

The awesome bridesmaid's dance at Marie's wedding

Ben's unique sound check at Andrea and Brad's wedding

Ben and Warren educating the graduates at Benedicta Nocte

Ben is the manager and drummer for the Dietz Funk Coalition. Brace yourself.

Ben's Very Cool Music Videos (Coolest first, in his father's opinion)

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

Soul Coughing


Skiing at Big Mountain 2007 (like somebody cares)



Natalie, Nancy

Ben, Warren, Natalie

Nancy, Andrea, Natalie, Ben

Warren, Ben, Natalie, Andrea

Miscellaneous Older Stuff

Ben's Reggae Band playing at Seattle Pacific U

Trumpet Solo at band festival

Hannah and Phil's Wedding Jig

Stickman vs. the Rock

Ben's studly soccer teammates (2005

Will taking a header

Trevor, martial arts soccer master

Ben taking a goal-box stand (OK, picture not moving so much)